Saturday, September 03, 2011

College GAME

 My post in and my fav reply!

1 Ways to build VALUE on college!

is there an shotcut methods to build value on college environment.
as college is not like bars or any other social scene!

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Mr8Hyde6's Avatar Mr8Hyde6

Re: Ways to build VALUE on college!

Depends on what you do/where you go out, etc.

I ended up having a house back in my junior year of college with a bunch of people. We had a live DJ come and spin for our house parties. Charged guys $5 per dude, ended up making anywhere near 700-900 a night. Now, this was not a sausage fest. It actually was an awesome ratio of men to women. However, after a few of our parties, everyone was ranting and raving about the parties we threw. Eventually, we even had our own groupies. A set of 12 girls who would come before we were even done setting up for the party, and they would either sleep over or stay to 6 in the morning. I went to a large college and would have to take buses between campuses and I would be sitting there hearing stories about our house and how awesome it was. Eventually, people just knew who we were.

Frats are similar in that method, but they can either build value, or diminish it, depending on the reputation of the said frat.

Sports is an awesome way as well. I as well participated in a sport during college and it adds value. (this is just specifically to adding value, not meaning that it will make girls open up to you) But it helps because you do demostrate a higher social value to women.
- Mr8Hyde6
"That man is not truly one, but truly two."
2  First day in college!

It was my freshers day in college.
Today, i enjoyed very much and i concentrated in building value. This was fun. I did something that usual guys don't do in class!
so that now almost every guys and gals know me!
I didn't focus that much on girls, i had managed to meet many guys and girls. Wasn't thinking about pickup, was enjoying every moment.
What else can i do to improve my college game?

Re: First day in college!

thats actually really good. in college its kind of about status and social circle gaming. the more people you know the better it is for you cause then you meet all these different girls. and also college game is about being the guy people like to be around. so giving value and being really fun and playful will help you a lot.

so just keep up what ur doing. you first need to know tons of people and be a person lots of people like then you can start gaming tons of different girls.

Saturday, August 06, 2011


Peacocking is a standard weapon of pick-up-artist, but it’s something that is still grossly mis-understood by many.
As practiced by Mystery, peacocking is the art of wearing a few garish, compelling items which draw attention. Mystery has been known to wear top hats, multiple wristwatches, garish earrings, and flamboyant clothing. But peacocking doesn’t have to be so loud to be effective. (Atleast my opinion).
As from the word, peacocking, it is derived from the nature of peacocks, god has given male peacocks that large colourful quills.
That make them standout from others.

The key to peacocking is to make strong style choices. Stand out from everyone else. Wear clothes that are interesting, with aggressive cuts and patterned fabrics. Then add a few pieces of jewellery ( Some may use gold jewellery n all like chains, but i don't like that much ). It’s fine if they’re subtle, but it should always be visible.


Monday, July 25, 2011

mature women (MILF hehe)

Hmmmm,, some words about mature women!!

About Mature Siren,
they are still looking good women whom have been the centre of
attraction a time long before,
what they need and crave is attention! that they lost a long time ago.
They can be attracted by an extra sense of attention!
( one word, I'm not into this type of women :P )

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